The celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri (1321) have made this cultural hike, so far little known, one of the most attractive historical paths both at national and international level. It is a cultural, artistic, historical, philosophical and spiritual journey between the ancient cities of Florence and Ravenna, in the places where the Father of Culture and the Italian Language stayed for most of the last years of his life. The approximately 380 km total of the route from Florence to Ravenna is divided into 20 stages, all equipped with specific horizontal and vertical signs, with well-equipped refreshment and hospitality points for each stage. Significant parts of the Divine Comedy are posted along the route, quotations connected and inspired by the places that the hikers will cross. Guests of LE FONTI farmhouse can access the Cammino di Dante in

Montelorowhere there is the Church of S. Miniato in Pagnolle, a 13th century church, which is three hundred meters from the Villa dei Portinari, a Florentine family that gave the born to Beatrice; at about 500 meters, there is the “courtyard” of the Alighieri estate, who had the family home here, where Dante spent the years of his youth. This place is one of the topical points of the second stage of the Cammino, when, leaving Florence behind, we head towards Romagna, crossing the hills surrounding Florence, climbing the Mugello up to Marradi, immersing ourselves in the extraordinary landscapes of the Casentino Forests (S. Benedetto in Alpe, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy) and, then descending towards the plain and crossing Dovadola, an ancient feud of the Counts Guidi, and finally arriving in the extraordinary city of Ravenna, where the poet is buried.